A unique resort

The one and only resort on the East side of Central sulawesi, the Tompotika Dive Lodge offers magnificent dive sites. With only 5 bungalows, the lodge is located on the coastline of a small Indonesian village. Installed since 2014, we are actively protecting the region’s ecosystem with the help of villagers.
An eco-friendly retreat on the Central Sulawesi coast.
Nestled within an eye catching, breathtaking, and heart-warming view of greenery-filled mountains and untouched nature, this resort is a place where the sky meets the sea. It offers more than 30 dive sites of remarkable quality ranging from exceptional muck dives to splendid reef dives with a fascinating quantity of fish life. The preservation of the ecosystem and implications on sustainable development projects in

Nature and its reefs

A resort on the east coast of Central Sulawesi. Unique resort of this area with magnificent dives, it has only 5 bungalows nestled on the beach of a small Indonesian village. Established since 2014, we actively work to protect the reefs of the region with the villagers.
The resort lays at 2 hours and half from Luwuk airpot by car. The Luwuk airport gets daily direct flights fro Jakarta and Manado, as well from Denpasar through Makasar. 
More than thirty high quality dive sites close from the resort

The nearest airport is Luwuk (LUW)
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