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The dive sites in the region are mostly rocky reefs that concentrate a wealth of marine life. The reefs are dry, underwater ridges or large rocks, covered with a very dense fixed fauna: black coral bushes, huge gorgonians and multicolored soft corals, where marine life is concentrated.

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On the sandy slopes or fringing reefs of the coastline, muck dives uncover the micro fauna and creatures which make the Sulawesi’s reputation, such as frogfishes, ghost pipefishes, mimic octopuses, blue ring octopuses and much more. On the beach right in front of the bungalows, a black sand slope is one of the best muck dives around and is free of access as many times as you wish. 
Most of the the other dive sites are sumbmerged ridges and rocks that offer a great variety and density of fish with lots of different schools and pelagics: school of surgeon fishes, trevallies, barracudas, giant trevallies and tuna reef sharks hunting. Eagle and manta rays can also be seen on different occasions. 
The prosperous fish life is a direct consequence of the water’s richness, especially the abundance in plankton, which might sometimes limit the visibility. On average, the visibility range lies between 10 to 15 meters. However, this number can vary. 
Most of the dive sites are just 10 to 15 minutes boat ride away from the resort, the most distant being at around 30 minutes away. Each boat carries 4 divers, along with their dive guides.

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Dive with a guide,
by day and by night
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3 meals/day
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480€ for 4 days
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Our dive center offers the following services: 
3 boats
Maximum 4 divers per boat with their own dive guide
Fills with air or nitrox (with supplement)
Private dive guide on request
Get packages including :
2 dives a day, illimited dives from the shore + a few bonus dives for day or night.
 Choice of dive site on request
Padi courses on request
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