In locale life

Conservation of the area is inherent to the project.
The reason as to why we decided to implement the bungalows within the village, is in order for our guests to interact with the villagers who commit in return. A fee (included on our rates) is collected from the visitors to support the conservation: It is partly used to pay the expenses of the boat patrol and the rest of it is used to support the villagers. Our short term target is to get the status of KKLD, Kawasan Konservasi Laut Daerah (regional protected sea area) for the area.
Tompotika Dive lodge cares deeply for both the marine protection as well as terrestrial species, which is why we work in partnership with Alto (ALliance for Tompotika Conservation), an NGO dedicated to the protection of the Maleo birds in the area since 2006. We also launched a conservation project for the turtles to avoid eggs poaching on the beaches of the area.